Reviews of American Male Medical

Reviews Part One – the Bad.

There is a really nice Italian restaurant near my home. Go on a weekend, and be prepared to sit on the outside benches they provide, waiting to get in. The restaurant takes no reservations and is always packed. And they have terrific food, excellent service, and fair prices.

But, if you check their reviews you will see some negative ones.

How can this be?

Three reasons:

  • Competitors trying to steer business into their own restaurants
  • Disgruntled ex-employees terminated for performance reasons
  • My favorite type of reviewers – the entitled wankers who expect filet mignon but only want to pay the price of a McDonald’s hamburger

Here at American Male Medical, we’ve had some negative feedback over the years. It’s impossible to not get any if you’re in business for any amount of time.

One patient misinterpreted our guarantee of, “Visit is free if our Erectile Dysfunction treatment doesn’t work as expected.” He read it as FREE MEDICATION – FOR LIFE! And he was adamant about getting his. We wanted to ask him how any business could remain in business for long if they gave away their product and service for free, forever, but we restrained the urge.

Another patient was mad at us because of a declined refund. The treatment worked, and he was happy. He took home his medication, but a couple days later his new relationship ended and he no longer needed the meds. He felt this entitled him to a refund. We explained it did not. If the meds didn’t work, and he needed a stronger rx, we would have gladly accommodated him. But such was not the case.

Our most common complaint is from patients who are angry because they want free samples to take home. We’re so successful with our treatments, (almost 97% success rate) that we offer every patient who comes in the opportunity to try a sample. We make sure to stress it’s one sample, in the clinic, not to take home. Because many if not most of our patients have lost money on other treatments and medications that didn’t work, they love this aspect of their $99 Erectile Dysfunction/Premature Ejaculation visit. This time they know they’ll get something that works, or they won’t be charged. But patients sometimes say, “When I booked the appointment the guy on the phone told me I would get free samples to take home.”

The standard advisory recording greets every caller. It tells them, “All calls are recorded for customer service purposes.” The situation is easily remedied when we offer to review the call with the patient, to show him it was a miscommunication.

Next week: The Good, the Great, and the Ugly.

Until then, here are some other reviews we’ve received.