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Last month, in The Good, the Great, the Bad and the Ugly, we shared a few negative reviews (only a few because we only have a few!)

As we explained in that blog, the three most common reasons for negative reviews are:

  • Unscrupulous owners trying to steer business away from competitors and into their own place of business
  • Disgruntled ex-employees terminated for performance reasons
  • My favorite type of reviewers – the entitled wankers who expect filet mignon but only want to pay the price of a McDonald’s hamburger

If you haven’t read it yet, check it out, it’s a good read.

Today I’m going to share some of our favorite reviews.

Customer feedback is essential to gaining insight as to the level of customer service we provide. It allows us to know where we are doing an excellent job, and where we need to make improvements. Our mission here is to help relationships, and there is no better way of learning that we are meeting that goal than when patients tell us so. As we always say, “Our best advertisement is NOT a radio or newspaper ad, it’s a satisfied customer.”

We know we’re on the right track in 2019 – we already have more FIVE STAR reviews in just the first quarter than we had in the first six months of last year.

Here are some of our favorite reviews, ones that made our day:

Brad C.:

“I reunited with my high school sweetheart two months ago. In high school I had no problems keeping her happy. Now I’m 56, and after going to American Male Medical, I still keep her more than happy. We are both very happy & engaged, with a great life in front of us.
Thank you American Male Medical of Irvine – Maria, Abraham, Gary & Dr. Moeller.”

(How can anyone NOT like a story of lost romance, refound and rekindled.)

Se Habla Espanol (at the clinics)

Salvador A.:

“Les recomiendo a todos k vengan a probar estos. Medicamentos k. son muy buenos en AMERICAN. MALE Sherman Oaks!”

(Yeah, got no idea what that one says, but he gave us FIVE STARS so we must have done something right. We’ll take it!) (And, yes, we DO speak Spanish at the clinics.)

Jeremy S.:

“This place saved my sex life!! Been to other so-called male clinics and none compare to this one. Been coming American Male Medical, Sherman Oaks for over 2 years without any problems. Ask for Alfredo he is super cool guy and will work with you on your treatment plans. AMM is hands down best Male clinic in So Cal. I thought no one could fix me but they did. Thanks, guys!”

(We always thought Alfredo was just regular cool, thanks for letting us know we were short-changing him! Glad to know we were able to help, thanks for your long term patronage.)

California King:

I’ve been going to American Male Health of Dallas since June of 2017. My testosterone has increased and I feel more like myself. I would recommend their services. They’re professional and confidential. As an added incentive, I have lost over 40lbs. Their staff is awesome and respectful.”

(I’m sure many of us would be happy to lose just 4 pounds, but 40??!! THIS is why after getting testosterone replacement therapy many men say, “It changed my life, I’m a new man.”)

Amy S.:

“Life changing. He can go all night! Science is great, highly recommend for those males in need, your partner will agree.”

(How many doctors can say when they provide their service to ONE patient, they actually make TWO satisfied customers? We love it when the wife or partner chime in.)

And we save the best for last:

Jesse G.:

“By far the most professional and ethical practice in male enhancements I have ever come across. As I am diabetic, American Male Clinic staff has helped me through my most embarrassing issues with ED. The doctor is very informative and patient. He worked with me to find the perfect formula so I could enjoy life again. They saved my marriage.”

They saved my marriage.” There it is, the heart of what we do. As we always say, no one comes to us to get an erection just to walk around and say, “I GOT ONE.” Yes, we help men get hard, stay hard, and perform with more energy and enthusiasm, but the reason we do so, the reason so many men come to us is simply this – we help relationships. We make them stronger. We make them happier. And in some cases we even save them. We know because our satisfied patients tell us so . . .