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The best advertisements for our clinics aren’t radio, newspaper, magazine, or TV ads.

Our best ad comes from the patients who have visited our clinic.

They stand as living testament to how we change people’s lives for the better.

Here are just a few recent examples of reviews found on Google:

The staff has exceptional customer service. I would recommend this team to anyone, Oh Yeah…… the products are AWESOME. Great job!!!”

Great staff and customer service. Truly live up to the claims. I have more energy than I did 10 years ago. Highly recommend.”

Staff is very professional, very well informed. I’m extremely satisfied with the results. American male medical is a life changer for mature males.”

Hello All, Just wanted to say a big thank you to Dr Schoen, Billy. A, Johnson. H Ramiro. R. You’re all first class top flight professionals. Thank you providing such a wonderful service. DEFY AGE, ENHANCE VITALITY!!! ROCK ON AND THANKS!!!”

Finding this place truly saved my marriage and gave my self-esteem a tremendous boost. If you’re not the man you use to be because your testosterone level dropped don’t waste another day. This formula truly works and these people are here with the help you need. From the bottom of my heart thank you gentlemen. Mere words alone can’t begin to express my thanks but it is a wonderful place to start.”

Great staff, patient and professional. Never did I ever feel embarrassed or ashamed. Issues were reversed and confidence was regained thru treatment.”

Some time back I was diagnosed with low testosterone levels. I immediately scheduled an appointment with a sexual dysfunctional specialist at American Male Medical – a renowned low t treatment center in Dallas, TX. Not only was my treatment successful, it was also affordable.”

EVERY one of the reviewers above gave us FIVE stars except for one, who gave us four stars (and some of us suspect that may have been a typo!)

At American Male Medical, we have patients, not customers.

And we don’t seek to meet the service expectations of our patients, we seek to exceed them.