Erectile Dysfunction shows up in pop culture, too. M*A*S*H* is just one example.

This week, something a little different from the usual style of posts we do here.

Instead of informative, we offer a little entertainment via Erectile Dysfunction in Pop Culture.

Excerpt from the classic television series M*A*S*H*:

Hawkeye: What do you think of Nurse Able?

Trapper John: If I wasn’t married I’d start nibbling at Nurse Able’s toes and stop when I got to her hairpins.

Hawkeye: There is something there to arouse a male.

Trapper: Unless he’s been dead six months.

Hawkeye[inhales]: She was in here before um, with me, alone.

Trapper: [Laughs] That’s one of the worst kept secrets of the war.

Hawkeye: She was in here before and, uh I, uh uh couldn’t.

Trapper: Couldn’t what?

Hawkeye: The big “couldn’t.”

Trapper: Oh, that “couldn’t.”

Hawkeye: Maybe I tried too hard. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. Maybe it was her perfume. Maybe it was mine. She looks a little like my mother. Maybe Oedipus wrecked it for me.

Trapper: It’s perfectly understandable. You’ve been going full tilt since you got here. Your nerves are brittle enough to use for kindling.

Hawkeye: Tension.

Trapper: The war.

Hawkeye: Happens to everyone.

Trapper: Right.

Hawkeye: Ever happen to you?

Trapper: Never.

Hawkeye: Fink.